Bye Felecia!

IMG_1190So let’s talk dream killers. You know, those people that make you loose focus by attempting to convince you that you’re dreaming too big, that it could never happen or simply that what you’re dreaming, just can’t be done.

Whether they come intentional or fueled by a tall glass of morning Hater-aide, we constantly deal with people in our lives with the ability to kill our dreams and stifle that spark of hope that lives within in us all.

I am often asked, “Did you ever imagine in a million years that you’d be doing the things that you are doing now?”

Well, honestly, yes! Yes, I did. I remember pretending to be a great fashion designer as a young child. I’d pretend to do my finale walk at the end of the runway. I’d pretend to do interviews for television and magazines. I even recall walking into my bedroom with my dad’s briefcase in hand, pretending to walk into “my” corporate office. In the back of my mind, I’d hear my employees say, “Good morning Ms. Rowe.” Yep, I dreamed big and I’m Mrs. Thomas now!

One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 4:17. It reads, “calleth those things that be not as though they were.” This is such a powerful statement. A powerful promise from God that if we just believe it so in hearts, that if we see it so, long before it is so, it shall be so. The word of God repeatedly tells us that there is power in the tongue and that we can speak the very desires of heart into existence.

I knew from my soul, from the moment that I can remember that I wanted what I’m walking into right now. I saw it, I desired it, I sought after it with faith, blood, sweat and tears. Oh please believe, that in spite of my mother lifting me up, the dream killers came. They came with mocking, they came with doubt, they came with the millions of reasons why I could never make those dreams of a little burned girl a reality. As hard as the road was; regardless of the losses, the setbacks, denials, failures, and or impossibilities that I faced, I never allowed anything or anyone to snuff out that vision, that remarkable dream that I had for my life.

Let’s keep it real though. Dream killers will never stop coming. They will rear their ugly heads in many forms. Sometimes dream killers surface unintentionally in the form of family and friends that just can’t see your vision. Sometimes they come in those very ones pretending to be a friend, but are secretly awaiting your downfall. Now this next statement may surprise you but, sometimes the biggest dream killer comes from within. Yes, YOU and  that voice in your head that likes to share with you the many reasons it won’t work, how you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not equipped enough, or a slew of other lies designed to bring that dream to a screeching halt. In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to deal with any of this negativity and all our dreams would just come true.  Good luck with that.  In reality you have want it and fight hard for it; so hard that you not willing to easily let go of it when times are rough and when dream killers are as persistent as a fly on a hot summer day in the south.

Don’t EVER give up, give in or give out! I hope that my words inspire you today but this is what I want you to leave this blog post with… DREAM! But don’t just dream. Believe in yourself beyond what you can see and beyond what looks impossible and never loose sight of what that dream realized looks like. Every moment that you get, call those things that be not, as though they were! And when your dream killer steps to you with a full dose of negativity, from deep down in your faith filled soul, simply say…..BYE FELECIA!



  1. Hi ! I never normally comment on other people’s posts but I just came across your blog and I have to comment and tell you that I adore it! Your blog is so wonderful, I am so happy I just came across it. I am going to follow you right now so I can keep up to date with all of your posts; I look forward to your next ones! Keep up the great work (:


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